Posted in | 5 September, 2017

Conquering the App Frenzy: Driving User Acquisition with Mobile Airtime Incentives and rewards

DT One - Mobile Airtime rewards and incentives
In a congested mobile world where new apps are launched daily, it’s too easy to get lost in the crowd. To motivate the mobile app users in emerging markets to download your app, it pays off to be smart and invest a little to entice and encourage new users through a befitting reward. Offering incentives increases app visibility, provides an effective and unique way to differentiate an app away from competitors and accelerate traction and user acquisition.
As a matter of fact, 40% of downloads occur due to an incentive – a promising reason to optimise your app using incentive marketing. A way to maintain relevance in this vast, rapidly evolving industry – where apps go out of fashion within a flash – it’s essential to obtain new users to retain a strong presence within the realm of mobile applications.
It’s true that smartphones are becoming the norm in emerging markets. Demand and affinity are certainly growing for 4G enabled devices, unveiling a whole new tier of potential customers. Across the globe, developing nations are driving up app download and usage rates. To capture this audience, app companies face the challenge of building awareness. What’s the resolution? Taking advantage of this new-found prevalence of mobile devices and listening to localised public demand.

The win-win airtime incentive solution

When targeting app users in emerging markets, who are fanatical on mobile airtime and data, it’s savvy for mobile marketers to use airtime top-ups as the reward. Introducing mobile airtime incentives into the marketing of apps for the emerging markets can significantly boost engagement and generate buzz and interest around the product by using an attractive, bespoke reward for the demographic fuelled by the flourishing uptake of smartphones.

Additionally, for app producers, mobile airtime incentives offer great benefits: they are low-cost, making incentive marketing a minuscule investment yielding a huge impact and reach. Better yet, ‘rewards’ are delivered in real-time regardless of geographical location or amount, making this a simple, convenient tool to introduce.

For mobile users in developing nations, many people spend large proportions of their earnings on receiving phone services, and so, receiving instant airtime incentives, which can be used immediately without any need for further spend, is a highly attractive, desirable encouragement to try new apps, spurring customer acquisition along with retention. Receiving airtime naturally supports usage of the app, acting as a subsidy of the data consumed by end-users, and further encouraging downloads.

Alongside monitoring the number of new users, it is sensible for marketers to quantify the cost per acquisition and make sure there is value in using marketing tools to drive engagement. But, this could cost over $3 per user when using other marketing tools! 

This is an extortionate expense which is difficult to offset, particularly when apps are relatively cheap to download in the first place. On the contrary, utilising mobile airtime is highly cost-effective – as low as $0.50 in comparison. For an app marketer, distribution of airtime incentives is a low-cost, easy, digital solution with no inventory or complications, yet with a very far reach. With only the mobile phone number required, airtime rewards can be sent via our network to more than 550 operators across 135 countries.

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