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DT One - Mobile Airtime and data top-ups

Uncovering the hidden value of mobile airtime and data top-ups for Money Transfer Operators

It’s crucial for MTOs to adapt and evolve to stay ahead of competitors and nuture customer loyalty.

DT One - Mobile Airtime Remittance

How Mobile Airtime and Digital Wallets are making Moneytrans stand out

With one relationship, it was effortless for Moneytrans to build up their offerings by partnering with TransferTo to upgrade their product portfolio to their customers.

READ ON Utilising Mobile Airtime Incentives to Leverage Math Learning Platforms in South Africa

Through a partnership with TransferTo, is able to easily administer airtime incentives to solve societal challenges.

DT One: International Mobile Airtime

What You May Not Know About Phone to Phone International Mobile Airtime Transfers

Want to really understand P2P airtime transfer? Our Technical Operations Engineer, Mohamad Hallal, takes it back to basics.

DT One: International Prepaid Mobile Phone Recharge

Reloading with Xoom

In 2015, Xoom, a PayPal Service, and leading digital money transfer operator, first partnered with TransferTo and launched mobile airtime reloads to 30 countries direct from the USA.

DT One: Mobile Airtime

Mobile airtime helps ‘Zero Mothers Die’  

I first heard of Zero Mothers Die from Pakistan when we were contacted to help the organisation distribute airtime to the women it supported. Pakistan, according to a Save the Children report, was shockingly low in its Mothers Mortality Rate…