mobile rewards

DT One - Mobile top-up rewards

Rewarding customer loyalty with Pattern Matched Technologies through mobile top-ups

Together, TransferTo enables PMT’s customers to reward end users for completing a particular action using mobile top-ups.

DT One Global Mobile Airtime Incentives

Combating Zika virus in Colombia using Mobile Airtime Incentives with Premise Data

Premise Data, based in USA, works with TransferTo to use Mobile Airtime Incentives to gather life-saving data in Colombia and be one step ahead of mosquito-borne disease outbreaks.

DT One - Mobile Airtime rewards and incentives

Conquering the App Frenzy: Driving User Acquisition with Mobile Airtime Incentives and rewards

To motivate the mobile app users in emerging markets to download your app, it pays off to be smart and invest a little to entice and encourage new users through a befitting reward.

READ ON Utilising Mobile Airtime Incentives to Leverage Math Learning Platforms in South Africa

Through a partnership with TransferTo, is able to easily administer airtime incentives to solve societal challenges.