Mobilise global users. Monetise new markets.
Bring your customers closer.

Enable highly motivating non-cash micropayments and offer in-demand prepaid solutions – with a single connection.

The world’s largest network of non-cash micropayment and digital pre-pay partners

5bn+ potential audience
180 countries
2000+ partners
1bn+ transactions
23k+ products
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Highly motivating low-cost micropayments

Offer non-cash micropayments & incentives with high-perceived value and proven impact at low cost

Globally scalable and locally relevant

Scale fast with our solutions that deliver highly relevant, localised in-country products and partners

Easy integration and instant set up

A single API connection brings you cost-effective, compliance-free real-time transactions

We power 2000+ of the world’s leading brands with our non-cash micropayment solutions

Mobile airtime
& data top-ups


Branded vouchers & Gift cards

& Bill payments


Open up a market of 5bn+ potential customers using non-cash micropayments today

Forget the complexities of small cash payments. Customers are moving to non-cash payments as an essential and highly-valued way to receive or send small payments. They increasingly expect these kinds of services from every business they interact with.

No regulatory complexity or compliance issues

A single connection to scale your offer globally

Make micropayments from as little as $0.10

Our solutions

Acquire and engage global customers with scalable incentives

Engage and incentivize customers with highly motivating and cost-effective data bundles and vouchers. Avoid the complexity of cash rewards with non-cash incentives, distributed in real time with full reporting to track conversion.

Turn existing relationships into additional revenue

Find new, high-margin revenue streams by cross-selling, or upselling valuable digital services such as top-ups, data bundles and utility and bill payments. Get the insight you need to get the right product mix, build the business case and deliver - at profit.

Unlock higher user retention and loyalty

Reduce churn and bring customers closer, with loyalty-driving micropayments. Reward desired behaviour with high-perceived value incentives – backed by market and audience-relevant insight from our experienced team.

We deliver dedicated solutions for every sector

View our customer-focused, sector-led solutions - backed by local insight and global support.

Mobile operators

Monetise new and existing markets with easy-to-launch micropayment solutions

Money transfer operators

Drive digital revenue with diaspora-friendly services that connect customers with family back home

Creator economy platforms

Supercharge your user acquisition and drive creator engagement

Super apps & Marketplaces

Monetise at scale and create recurring revenue streams to keep customers coming back

Retail networks

Drive recurring revenue and diversify your revenue streams with diaspora-friendly services


Scale faster and retain your users with easy-to-launch and highly-relevant digital services

Digital Telecom distributors

Scale globally with a single partner to deliver mobile top-ups and data solutions

Mobilise and monetise
your customers
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