Supercharge your user acquisition and drive creator engagement

Acquire and retain users with low-cost, high conversion non-cash payments and rewards. Deliver incentives in real time with a flexible and seamless user experience.

One connection to access our global network

Launch new products and mobilise users across 5bn potential customers in  166 countries with a single API integration.

Highly motivating low-cost solutions

Our micropayments and rewards have a high-perceived value and proven impact at low cost – acquire customers from as little as $0.10.

Fast-to-launch API-led platform

With a simple API connection you can integrate anywhere and deliver the user journey and trigger point you demand in days – not weeks (or months).

We’re trusted partners to some of the world’s leading brands

Mobilise and monetise
users at every stage of growth


Supercharge your user acquisition

Reach new markets easily and drive penetration in key existing markets with personalised promotional campaigns – and acquire customers from as little as $0.10. Engage and incentivize customers with a wide range of mobile top-ups and gift cards across gaming, commerce and mobile.


Grow user loyalty and reduce churn

Reduce churn, encourage new feature adoption and bring customers closer, by rewarding desired behaviour from a wide selection of loyalty-driving rewards and high-perceived value incentives.


Offer faster and more flexible payout options

Enable long-tail creators to cashout their earnings faster to spend on important day-to-day needs such as top-ups, bill payments, gift cards, food vouchers and more.


Generate revenue and increase daily app usage

Cross-sell and upsell data bundles that extend time spent in-app. And sell diverse digital services that increase frequency of visits and traffic. Using non-cash rewards and in-app purchases, you can create an in-app economy that will increase revenue opportunities and encourage usage over time.


Save costs and complexity at every stage
with non-cash micro-payments

Avoid the complexity and compliance issues of cash rewards

Save costs of cash processing by offering non-cash alternatives in the currency of the user.

Distribute incentives in real time with full reporting to track conversion.

Allow micropayouts from as little as $0.10

Access the world’s largest non-cash payment partner network with a single integration

Forget multiple time-consuming contracts and integrations – a single API connection gives you complete access to our global partner network. Explore our list of global partners across monetizable pre-pay services for mobile and bill payment, and non-cash incentives across gaming, commerce, entertainment, mobile and more.

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