Offer innovative cross-border non-cash micropayments that complement your offering

Launch real-time, non cash, micropayment services instantly and effortlessly across 180 countries – with a single integration.

Tap on the market opportunity of 5bn+ across the globe
Addressable audience
Products in catalogue

Offer recurring cross-border mobile top-up services globally

Allow your money transfer customers to send top-ups to any prepaid number worldwide.

Unlock multiple revenue streams with a single connection

With one contract and connection, you can access a wide of range of products such as bill payments, gift vouchers and many more and diversify your revenue streams.

Enhance your offering without the complexity of cash payments

Non-cash payments are simple, sticky and easy to set up – no KYC and other compliance investments required.


Launch cross border mobile top-up services globally

Our holistic solution caters to diverse migrant populations – allowing you to support their cross-border digital transfer needs worldwide.

Send top-ups to any prepaid number in the world with our global network coverage

Instantly and seamlessly enable realtime cross-border mobile & data top-ups


Upsell and cross-sell easily and
diversify revenue - with a single connection

Forget time-consuming integrations and complex product management. DT One solves it all to let you diversify revenue and increase customer volume and frequency.

Easy integration and instant set-up

A single API connection brings you cost-effective, compliance-free real-time transactions.

Launch new products such as bill payments, gift cards and many more.

Single settlement – no CapEx required

No upfront cost. Settle in the single currency of choice with flexible terms.

Access our unparalleled global network
of non-cash suppliers and prepaid services

Launching new products and new markets is simple when you have access to our global network of country-specific digital prepaid services and non-cash incentives.

Mobile airtime
& data top-ups

Enable users to send call
and data top-ups worldwide.


Unlock growth with the world’s fastest-growing connectivity product.

Branded vouchers
& Gift cards

Use non-cash incentives to reward interactions and drive brand loyalty.

Utilities & Bill payments

Offer valuable diaspora-relevant digital services such as utility bill payment and gift vouchers.


Drive user engagement with flexible and highly motivating rewards

Encourage and reinforce the desired behaviours with high-perceived value rewards. Find the right incentives for every customer and country from our global network of products.

Deliver higher conversion rates at a fraction of the cost

Our rewards have a high-perceived value and proven impact at low cost – acquire customers from as little as $0.10.

Offer a wide range of accessible and relevant rewards

Boost your core remittance business by rewarding customers who perform repeat transfers with highly motivating non-cash payments like top-ups and gift vouchers across mobile, gaming, commerce, food and more.

Incentivize users anywhere in the world

DT One’s global partner network means you can find relevant rewards for customers in any part of the world.


Access the world’s largest non-cash payment partner network with our easy-to-integrate API

No need to build multiple partnerships or integrate with different providers.A single API connection gives you access to our global partner network. Our in-house team handles hosting, delivery and offers 24-7 support.

We’re trusted partners to some
of the world’s leading brands

Launch cross-border non-cash micropayment services with DT One today