Drive recurring revenue and diversify your revenue streams with diaspora-friendly services

With a single integration, drive recurring revenue and increase traffic with a range of convenient cross-border mobile top-up, and digital prepaid services.

Real-time digital delivery for an enhanced customer experience

Top-ups and vouchers are delivered in realtime to instantly connect  customers and their loved ones.

Offer multiple services that connect a market of 5bn

Our global network of partners and products, gives you a range of highly-relevant products and services across 166+ countries.

A single connection with multiple user experiences

Customise your user experience to your multiple sales and engagement channels.

We’re trusted partners to some of the world’s leading brands

Drive revenue with in demand, digital top-ups and prepaid services

With a single integration you can enable a wide range of highly convenient and relevant products and services. With 5bn customers already using non-cash micropayments and prepaid digital services, they present a great opportunity to diversify revenues, drive foot traffic to stores and upsell different services.

Mobile top-ups
& Data bundles

Drive recurring revenues by enabling customers to send call and data top-ups worldwide.

Branded currencies
& vouchers

Allow customers to send vouchers for groceries, entertainment and other  services to family and friends at home.

Bill payments

Let you customers pay the bills of loved ones with valuable diaspora-relevant digital services such as utility and bill payment.

Diversify revenue and increase foot traffic fast – with no upfront cost

Forget the complexities of small cash payments. Customers are moving to non-cash payments as an essential and highly-valued way to receive or send small payments. They increasingly expect these kinds of services from every business they interact with.

Customer-friendly and quick to sell

With just a phone number, they can make realtime transfers and payments to their loved ones

Deliver multiple revenue streams from a single service

With one contract and a single transaction you can access a range of products to cross- and upsell to customers.

Two simple ways to start selling

From full-API integration to fast-to-launch kiosk-friendly solutions, our integrations all deliver an unbeatable user experience.

Fast-to-start, developer-friendly API

With a simple API connection you can integrate anywhere and deliver the user experience you demand. In-app, website or portal. No need for multiple time-consuming integrations – a single API connection – and contract – gives you complete access to our global partner network.

Sell digital prepaid services instantly with our API-free solution – DT Shop

DT Shop is our self-service solution for retailers and other businesses. Start selling mobile top-ups, bill payments and other digital services instantly – without API integration.

Launch fast with no API integration

No dev needed – simply access the web interface and start selling.

Grow your agent network and earn income from every sale

DT Shop offers a convenient way for you to expand your agent network to resell products and earn commissions from them.

Make the most of our network

Enjoy the benefits of DT One’s extensive partner network allowing you to send digital services, bill payments and mobile top-ups to 166+ countries.

Get the data-driven insight you need

DT Shop provides you with contextualised promotion information and insights to help grow your business from day one.

Discover how DT One can help diversify your retailer revenues.
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