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Join a diverse team that encourages you to grow

It’s not just our business that’s global – our people are too – with 40 different nationalities spread across 5 continents. Our team is diverse, creative and empowered – and always ready to solve the challenges faced by businesses and individuals in the fast-moving world of cross-border payments.

Our current vacancies

Our values

Values that make us who we are
– and which everyone can share

Be ambitious

We’re an ambitious, high-performing team and that means anything and everything is possible! We work hard and dream big – but always have a solid plan to get there.

We think big and don’t limit our thinking
We’re not afraid to fail
We’re adaptable and solutions-focused

Diversity is an asset

DT One is global in reach and in the office – we have 30+ different nationalities working for us across 5 continents. Diversity has been proven to enhance creativity, innovation and ultimately, financial performance.

We are ONE team.
We treat each other with respect, we help each other, we are tolerant and we are honest with each other.
We embrace other people’s different perspectives, learn from each other and teach each other.

Do the right thing

We work with other people’s money so it’s a point of pride for us to keep the strictest compliance controls – and the highest levels of integrity and honesty.

We are ethical, honest and honourable.
We also do the right thing by each other – we give credit and praise where it is due, success for one is success for all.
We are reliable and we keep our word.

Work smart

To stay ahead we keep our eyes on the horizon – as well as the landscape.
We work together to find solutions – rather than get bogged down by problems on our own.

We’re fit and fast and do what needs to be done.
We’re data-driven, product-led and tech-enabled.
We never give up.

Passion with purpose

We’re here to make a difference to millions of people around the world.
Our work has a direct impact on driving greater access to digital communications which helps the ‘unseen’ to be part of the global economy.

We work passionately towards this goal.
We create value for ALL stakeholders.
We love what we do and have fun along the way.

About DT One

The candidate journey experience

We want all candidates to have a positive experience that reflects who we are, our culture, and how they can best add to this to help us grow further.

The Candidate Journey Experience is driven by both parties:
the candidate and DT One; and is made up of three defined steps each featuring three key areas – Expectation, Preparation and Engagement.

The application

Applying for a new job and to a new company – or going all-in and embarking on a new career path is not easy. Here at DT One we understand this and want to make it as easy as possible.

Expectation: Find the role that is right for you. Ensure that the role meets your expectations and that you meet the expectations of the role.

Preparation: Take time to understand the spec and to tailor your CV to ensure that you stand out in a way that truly reflects your skills and experiences.

Engagement: Be yourself but be your best you. Tell us about who YOU are and your achievements – as we hire the person, not the profile.

Engaging with our recruiters

Our talent team knows what makes a great ‘DT One’r’ and have been trusted to find the best people that will help us meet our goals and values.

Expectation: We want to meet the real you and find out who you are. These meetings are in-depth but relatively informal so we can understand how you will shape DT One, our journey and our successes.

Preparation: Interviews are a two-way process. Ask as many questions of us as we ask of you. Visit our careers page (Hi!), think about what you want from a role, career and employer.

Engagement: Our Talent team will tell you everything you need to know and are happy to provide assistance and updates throughout the process to make things as simple as possible.


Different teams require different skills and traits to ensure they are successful and enjoy what they do. You’ll get to meet market experts to ask how and what we do.

Expectation: It takes more than just an awesome personality to be a DT One’r. In our interviews we look to understand the skills that make you a great fit for this role and for the future.

Preparation: Know the role you are interviewing for and how it impacts our business. Think about how you relate to the role, how you can demonstrate this, and questions that will initiate 
a discussion.

Engagement: You will be met by people who do what you do, so know the job and what is required. Understand and be clear in how you can make a difference and a positive impact.

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