Drive recurring revenue with meaningful services that connect the diaspora with their families back home

Realise untapped revenue streams by providing cost-effective, cross-border mobile and data top-up solutions and other prepaid services to millions of diaspora customers.

Make connectivity accessible to all with white-label solutions

Your customers can send top-ups, data bundles and pay bills across the world with a simple feature phone and without the internet - via text message or USSD.

Scale fast with single connection

Forget time-consuming integrations and complex product management.
With a single connection – and contract – DT One solves it all.

Instant real-time delivery

Top-ups and vouchers are delivered in real-time to connect customers and their loved ones instantly.

Access the world’s largest network of non-cash
products and prepaid services - with a single connection

Addressable audience
Products in catalogue

Diversify revenue with convenient services
that connect customers and communities across the world

Realise the potential of untapped revenue streams by providing cost-effective, cross-border bill payments, gift vouchers mobile and data top-up solutions to millions of diaspora customers.

Make sending airtime, data bundles and bill payments across the world as simple as sending a text message – both instant and low-cost.

Mobile top-ups
& Data bundles

Enable users to purchase and send airtime and data top-ups worldwide.

Branded currencies
& vouchers

Use non-cash incentives to reward interactions and drive brand loyalty.

Bill payments

Offer valuable diaspora-relevant digital services such as utility bill payment and gift vouchers.


Drive recurring revenues with our white-label phone-to-phone solution

Let diaspora customers send data, call or text-time instantly with with our white-label, easy-to-implement API for mobile operators.

Users can complete top-ups with a simple feature phone via text message or USSD – ideal for users without internet access.

A unique service for diaspora customers

Customised language, currencies and short menus

Shortened user journey
for returning users


Launch new markets seamlessly and get all the benefits – at no added cost

Scale quickly and confidently with our global network of providers and our in-market expertise and insights from partnering with leading brands globally. Forget building multiple partnerships or integrating with different providers. With one API connection - and one contract - DT One connects you to the world.

Easy-to-integrate, developer-friendly API

Integrate our simple API to create a unified user experience across your app, website or portal.

24-7 tech support

Our in-house team handles hosting, delivery and offers 24-7 support.

We’re trusted partners to some
of the world’s leading brands

Discover how DT One unlocks growth for your business with cross-border non-cash products and prepaid services

We can help you choose the right product mix for your audience,
benchmark your services and build the business case.

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