Posted in | 15 December, 2008

More destinations available for International Airtime Reload on multifunction card Toneo

Central Telecom, the French leader of prepaid scratch cards, joins TransferTo global airtime network to extend its international mobile airtime reload coverage.

Toneo card customers can now recharge the mobile phone of their relatives back in China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Turkey, the Philippines, Russia, India, Pakistan and Vietnam.

Around 5 million migrants are working and living in France. They traditionally remit part of their earnings every month directly to the household head in their home country. However, they lack appropriate solution for sending smaller amounts to the rest of their family. Airtime remittance complements their existing regular money transfers and opens a new market for sending small values on special occasions. Thanks to TransferTo network, Central Telecom, with its Toneo multifunction card, comes as the perfect solution for giving out airtime recharge as a gift for birthdays, festivals, celebrations and so on.

Through Toneo Interactive Voice Response, customers can now recharge their relatives’ mobile phone back home very easily: reload is performed in real-time, the receiver’s mobile account is credited and the recharge is available right away. Instant SMS confirmation and notification are automatically sent to both sender and receiver.

Toneo card enables its customers to make IDD calls, to pay on many websites or to recharge a mobile abroad; Toneo became quickly the leading multifunction scratch card in France. “Our partnership with TransferTo allows us now to provide our customers with a consistent airtime transfer quality of service among China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Turkey, the Philippines, Russia, India, Pakistan and Vietnam,” states Fabien Gerbi, Managing Director of Central Telecom.

“A global network is required to aggregate mobile operators’ airtime all over the world, says Eric Barbier, Managing Director, TransferTo. “By creating bridges with telecommunication operators from emerging countries, we provide and extend Toneo innovative and differentiating service for the ethnic segment.”

Three Toneo cards with a product range from 7.5 to 50 Euros are now available in more than 15, 000 stores in France (tobacconist’s shop, press points, Service stations, call shop…).


About Central Telecom

Central Telecom is a French telecom operator specialized in international and mobile calls since 1997. Central Telecom is connected to the world’s major operators, including British Telecom, Deutsch Telecom, France Telecom, Telecom Italia, Verizon… Thanks to its technical know-how and its nationwide selling channel, Central Telecom is the French leader in prepaid cards.

The good reputation and reliability of Central Telecom’s product Toneo card makes it the best sold pre-paid card on the market, with more than 100,000 users a day. Toneo enables customers to make IDD calls, pay online or top up a mobile abroad (airtime transfer). Available in more than 15,000 shops in France (tobacconist’s shop, kiosks, service stations, call shops), Toneo card has quickly become the number one multifunction prepaid card in France.

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