Posted in | 30 June, 2009

Mox Telecom joins TransferTo international mobile top-up network

Mox Telecom, a leading provider of calling cards and telecommunication services in Germany, Europe, Middle East and many other emerging countries, partners with TransferTo to implement cross-border mobile recharge service.

This solution enables Mox Telecom customers to send airtime credit overseas directly to the mobile prepaid account of their relatives.

Airtime credit transfer is done through a Mox Telecom prepaid card with a value of 4 dollars (USD). Users simply need to SMS the destination number to be reloaded and the corresponding recharge product along with the card PIN. Reload is performed in real-time and the receiver can use the credit immediately. Instant SMS confirmation and notification are automatically sent to the receiver. The recipient can use the denomination according to its mobile operator’s standard terms and conditions.

This service is available for mobile top-up to the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. It will mainly target Mox Telecom customers located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom and Germany.

The solution is mainly offered to foreign communities; migrant workers and visitors who maintain strong ties with their families and relatives abroad. Although they send part of their earnings every month directly to the household head, they still lack an appropriate service for sending smaller amounts to the rest of their family. TransferTo presents the perfect solution for giving out airtime recharge as a gift on special occasions such as birthdays, festivals or celebrations.

“We are confident that this solution will bring absolute convenience to our customers, especially in the Gulf region and Europe”, says Dr. Gunter Schamel, founder and CEO of Mox Telecom.

TransferTo complies with the telecom industry codes of conduct and follows laws and remittance regulations enforced in each country within its network. “We are committed to helping raise standards and expectations for international airtime transfers”, says Eric Barbier, Managing Director of TransferTo. “As part of our solution, we bring to Mox Telecom end-to-end traceability and security, ensuring the development of the best practices for this international service.”

The service is distributed either by mobile operators through phone to phone or via point of sales such as proximity retailers, calling cards distributors or money transfer operators. It is deployed at an international level in the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and Europe. This network aggregates mobile operators’ airtime all over the world, creating bridges for telecommunication operators from both developed and emerging countries.


About Mox Telecom

The Mox Telecom Group is a global Telecoms provider in the business of developing needs-based telecommunication products to facilitate low-cost, high-quality, International telephony. The company’s focus is on meeting the demands of target groups who have a requirement for affordable, operational and user-friendly global Telephony. The company, founded in 1998 and listed on the Frankfurt public stock exchange since 2006, specialised early on in the development and sale of pre-paid telecommunication services. Mox Telecom has since gone on to establish itself as a leading provider in the market. In addition to its main business activity, the calling card, the company has diversified, particularly in the area of cellular telephony. Alongside Germany and several other European countries, Mox operates successfully in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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