Posted in | 24 February, 2012

Nawras customers can now send prepaid credit to friends and family abroad

Nawras first allows customers to get closer with International Airtime 


Nawras, Oman’s customer friendly communications provider is delighted to announce the launch of a new International Airtime Transfer service which now makes it possible for any Nawras customer to send credit directly to almost any prepaid mobile phone account in Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Pakistan and the Philippines. Another Nawras first, this free service allows Nawras customers to get closer to their friends and family abroad.

Nawras is the first telecommunications provider in Oman to provide this helpful service not only to its Nawras Mousbak prepaid customers but also to postpaid customers with Nawras Ajel SIM cards.

The service allows airtime to be transferred to customers of 24 different operators in the five countries, at any time. Details of all current partners are shown on the website at Additional operators and countries will be added to the list soon.

Like all Nawras services, International Airtime Transfer is easy to use. Customers simply dial *141# and press send or call to view the easy-to-follow instructions in English or Arabic. After choosing the language and selecting the option of International Airtime, the recipient’s mobile number should be entered. The final step is to choose the amount of airtime to be sent from the choice of four denominations shown for each currency.

For example, when sending International Airtime to India, customers can choose to send 50, 100, 200 or 300 Indian Rupees worth of airtime credit. The corresponding price in Omani Rials is also displayed.

Once confirmed by the sender, the International Airtime Transfer request is sent. The price for the transaction is deducted directly from the customer’s Nawras Mousbak credit or added to their Nawras Ajel postpaid account. A successful transaction message will be received to show the credit transfer has taken place.

Nawras Mousbak prepaid customers can send any amount up to the value of credit they have on their SIM card while Nawras Ajel customers can send a maximum of 19 Omani Rials per month.

Launching the new service, Nawras VAS-Payment Manager, Ammar Al-Lawati, said, “We are delighted to be first to introduce this helpful service for our customers in Oman. This is a great way for Omanis to send credit to their family members who are travelling abroad as well as working or studying in other countries. Also, for many expatriates living in the Sultanate this is a simple and instant way to send credit to their family at home in India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Bangladesh or Egypt.”

TransferTo CEO, Eric Barbier, stated, “We are very excited to bring this innovative service to customers in Oman via our partnership with Nawras. TransferTo and Nawras have partnered to offer this first of its kind service to Nawras customers in Oman. I am thrilled by this partnership with Nawras and am convinced that Nawras customers will find great value in this service that enables small value transfers as an ideal complement to money remittances.”

Any Nawras customer can send credit to family members who are in Mumbai or Delhi, for example, if the family members are customers of any of the nine partner operators in that country. Likewise, a Nawras customer in Oman can remotely recharge the prepaid account of a friend or family member in the Philippines using one of the three partner operators there. The credit recipient can be any prepaid mobile customer of the partner operators.

Nawras launched International Airtime service in conjunction with TranferTo, an Ingenico Company and leading provider of International Airtime Transfer services, which enables sending credit in a fast, convenient and reliable way. Instant and secure, a key benefit of Airtime Transfers is that they offer an economically viable solution for small value transfers, making Airtime Transfers the ideal cost effective and high value complement to money remittances as well as being a great gift for birthdays and other special occasions.

A member of the Qtel Group, Nawras is committed to enriching the lives of people in Oman through better communication services.