Al Ansari Exchange partners with TransferTo for launch of new Cross-border Mobile Top-up service

Oct 26
Al Ansari Exchange partners with TransferTo for launch of new Cross-border Mobile Top-up service

Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE's largest exchange house network that provides worldwide remittance and foreign exchange services, has revealed the launch of a Cross-border Mobile Top-up service - an over-the-counter airtime transfer service.

The new offering, which is being launched in partnership with 'TransferTo,' a leading international airtime transfer company, will allow members of the UAE expat community and visitors as well, to send top-up credits for prepaid mobile phones of their relatives and friends back home through any Al Ansari Exchange branch in the country. The launch is part of Al Ansari Exchange's commitment towards improving customer satisfaction by expanding its portfolio of financial services and transactions.

According to recent reports, the UAE is home to over four million expatriate residents. The new service will now allow these expats to strengthen their ties with family, friends and loved ones through the gift of sending mobile top-up credits. 'Cross-border Mobile Top-up' complements Al Ansari Exchange's remittance based services, giving customers another option to top-up overseas mobile prepaid cards aside from the traditional method of cash transfers. Through this new offering, customers can now send mobile credits to their families and friends in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Sudan.

"Our strategic partnership with 'TransferTo' has resulted in the launch of 'Cross-border Mobile Top-up,' an engaging new service that will provide our customers with a more convenient and easy way to send mobile top-up credits to their loved ones back home," said Rashed Ali Al Ansari, General Manager, Al Ansari Exchange. "The development and creation of new offerings demonstrates our commitment to roll-out new products and services that will prove to be both convenient and more advantageous for our customers. This new service not only aims to top up phone credits but also serves as a strategic complement in bridging the distance between expats here and the families they have back home."

To perform an international top-up, the sender needs to provide the mobile phone number of the recipient along with the selected top-up value, at any Al Ansari Exchange branch. After making the necessary payment, the transfer is then processed in real-time through 'TransferTo's secure platform. Once the transaction is completed the recipient is notified by SMS about the top-up credits received.

"We are thrilled to have partnered with Al-Ansari Exchange, which is one of the leading exchange houses in the UAE, to make this service available to expatriates, residents and visitors in the country. Many of them send part of their earnings every month directly to their families back home. This new service will now allow them a way to send smaller amounts of value back home as well, providing the ideal solution for sending small gifts," concluded Eric Barbier, CEO, TransferTo.

About Al Ansari Exchange

Al Ansari Exchange is the UAE's largest network exchange house that provides worldwide remittance and foreign exchange services. The company has more than 100 branches located across strategic locations in the UAE which provides key services like Foreign Exchange, Remittances, Bill Payments, Credit Card Encashment, Mobile Top-up, Investment & Saving Schemes, Payroll Solution and Corporate Cash Collection. Al Ansari Exchange maintains strategic partnerships with leading banking institutions reinforcing the company's commitment towards providing key services to its rapidly growing customer base. With over 1500 multi-lingual staff, the company provides the best financial based products and services to over 1.3 million customers on monthly basis in UAE.

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