Combating Zika virus in Colombia using Mobile Airtime Incentives with Premise Data

Oct 5
Combating Zika virus in Colombia using Mobile Airtime Incentives with Premise Data

Premise Data, based in USA, works with TransferTo to use Mobile Airtime Incentives to gather life-saving data in Colombia and be one step ahead of mosquito-borne disease outbreaks. In a program funded by USAID's Zika Grand Challenge and the Public Health Ministry in Cali, Colombia, Premise Data empowers many health workers across the city to use mobile phones to report on the presence of mosquito larvae and larvicide usage. Mapping this data helps to prevent disease outbreaks, such as Zika, Dengue fever, and Malaria.Premise Data merges technology with on-the-ground insight to index and analyse observations, captured by their global network of contributors, to assist organisations to make impactful, effective investment and policy decisions. For this initiative in Colombia, Premise Data worked to deploy its mobile data and analytics platform to gather geotagged data on environmental risk factors for the deadly Zika virus, which is converted into daily heat maps for vector control workers at the Cali Public Health Ministry. The objectives were to aid health workers to detect disease threats earlier, respond in a more targeted way, and allocate resources based on the potential for future outbreaks, instead of relying on less nimble decision-making tools. Whilst on their mission to collect observations and remove mosquito larvae throughout the city every day, the health workers utilised the Premise app on their mobile devices to get the job done. To further encourage the participants to reliably and sustainably use the app, Premise Data partnered with TransferTo to ensure each device was sufficiently topped up so they did not run out of credit while on their daily data collection routes. This helped to provide this continuous connectivity to all the participants of the initiative and ensure that the vital information they collect gets to decision makers with no delay.

"TransferTo enables us to quickly and easilyprovide mobile data as needed to Premise users." – Premise Data

Premise Data has now used Mobile Airtime in over 35 countries as rewards for their users’ unique observations on the conditions in their communities. Through one single connection, TransferTo instantly delivered Mobile Airtime to all participants, regardless of the mobile operator and value of compensation. This simplified the entire process and made it easier to stay connected with the health workers in Cali so they may continuously collect their observations.

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