How Mobile Airtime and Digital Wallets are making Moneytrans stand out

Dec 8
How Mobile Airtime and Digital Wallets are making Moneytrans stand out

Our story with Moneytrans goes back to 2014 and now incorporates both our cross-border Mobile Airtime and Money Transfer solutions. For a seasoned money transfer company who has been in the business for over 20 years, the challenge they faced was differentiating themselves from their competitors and delivering more value to their customers. They needed to liven up their portfolio to meet market demand, and TransferTo was the perfect partner to help facilitate this - firstly with the addition of cross-border Mobile Airtime Top-ups and then, powering international Money Transfers to a new termination point: digital wallets.

A match made in heaven

We first implemented our Mobile Airtime solution with Moneytrans, allowing their customers to top-up the phones of their loved ones - in real-time, reaching even the most remote locations. This was an innovative offering and a cross-sell product to complement their well-established money transfer service. For their customers, sending mobile airtime was an easy and affordable way to send smaller amounts, making it a perfect option to gift family back home.For Moneytrans, the key benefit was having that single connection and the sole commercial relationship for their new Mobile Airtime top-up service, yet having access to over 550 Mobile Operators in 135 countries across TransferTo’s global payments Network.

A window of opportunity

Following the well-received reception of Mobile Airtime Top-ups, our partnership advanced to the next level with the addition of a Money Transfer partnership. Again, Moneytrans were looking to diversify the business and grow their offering with more pay-out options so their own customers could use the payment method that best suited their needs. By partnering with TransferTo, Moneytrans had direct access to our extensive Network of digital wallet providers, banks and cash-pick up networks across more than 60 countries. This provided an avenue for their customers to send money directly to a mobile phone via a digital wallet in a fast and secure manner.Jeremy De Smet, COO of Moneytrans, added: "Thanks to TransferTo's Money Transfer Network, we are able to quickly and conveniently launch international Mobile Money transfer services for our customers. This additional step towards technology fits in with our strategy to become a leader in the market.”With one relationship, it was effortless for Moneytrans to build up their offerings by partnering with TransferTo to upgrade their product portfolio to their customers – offering them even more options and services. Today, we facilitate the cross-border movement of Mobile Airtime and Money Transfers to over 30 receiving countries for Moneytrans, assisting them on their quest to expand their offering and really stand out from the crowd.To read more about our mobile airtime remittance solutions, click HERE.

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