MFone partners with TransferTo to offer International Airtime Transfer services

Oct 26
MFone partners with TransferTo to offer International Airtime Transfer services

MFone, a leading mobile operator in Cambodia, today announced the launch of International Airtime Transfer in partnership with TransferTo, the Global Airtime Remittance Hub. This service enables Cambodians living overseas to transfer airtime to their relatives and friends in Cambodia who use Mfone mobile service.

According to the Worldbank, in 2010, the estimated 350.000 Cambodians living abroad transferred over US$ 360 million back home to support their families: while existing money transfer channels provide a lifeline to thousands of Cambodian households, the costs structure of money transfers are not suited for the transfer of small value amounts. International Airtime Transfer offers a cost effective solution to address the migrant's needs for small value transfers: it is indeed the ideal low cost, high value complement to money remittances.

Airtime transfers to Mfone customers are available from the convenience of a mobile phone (simply by SMS), online or at retail locations in the USA, France, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium and many other countries.

Eric Barbier, CEO at TransferTo, said that "thanks to TransferTo's partnership with Mfone Cambodian expatriates are now able to make the gift of airtime to their loved ones back home in Cambodia. This innovative service that has proven being a great success in other Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, as it addresses a real need of both the sender and the recipient, will create a new link between Cambodian emigrants and their families in Cambodia".

"With its proven track record of international top-up deployments worldwide and its presence in countries such as France or the USA TransferTo has proven to be the ideal partner to enable Mfone reaching the Cambodian diaspora while offering a way to Mfone to expand its distribution across our borders." said Sombat Krairit, Chief Marketing Officer at Mfone.

About Mfone

Mfone, was established in Cambodia since 1993. Over the course of 18 years, Mfone has grown with Cambodian society and become one of the dynamic leaders in providing and marketing wireless communication services in the Kingdom of Cambodia, The company currently providing:

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Currently, Mfone serves over 1,000,000 in subscribers. Mfone's growth has attributed to its use of new and improved technologies, the widening of service coverage, the launch of new innovation products, and various customer promotions activities.

Mfone has always been committed to provide innovative, customized, and integrated communications solutions to suit customers' business and individual lifestyles. The company will carry on the mission to continue providing superior service with highly focused approach to meet the communication need for the kingdom of Cambodia.

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