Mobile airtime transfers now available at 7-Eleven

Nov 18
Mobile airtime transfers now available at 7-Eleven

TransferTo and Korvac Holdings today announced the launch of Mobile AirTime Transfer (MATT), a service that allows customers to send mobile credits to their loved ones in Indonesia, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal from the convenience of any of 7-Eleven's 500+ locations in Singapore.

MATT was designed for the large foreign worker population in Singapore who wish to send meaningful gifts to their family and friends back home on special occasions such as birthdays or religious holidays. For $5, MATT users can recharge popular mobile operators such as Globe in the Philippines, Excelcom in Indonesia, and Idea in India easily and from any 7-Eleven stores (except Shell stores).

To use the service, 7-Eleven customers simply have to provide the staff with the number they wish to recharge and their own mobile phone number in Singapore. The recharge gift is then automatically credited to the recipient's mobile phone, typically in less than 30 seconds.

Commenting on the launch, TransferTo CEO Mr Eric Barbier said: "We're proud to team up with Korvac and 7-Eleven to launch this unique service which addresses the needs of the largely underserved foreign worker population in Singapore."

Korvac's CEO, Mr Jeremy Tan, added that: "With this collaboration, we are now able to provide a value-added service to these foreign workers to send mobile credits back home which is simple to understand and instantaneous."

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