The power of connectivity

May 9
The power of connectivity

There are over 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world today and by 2025 the GSMA predicts this number will hit approximately 6 billion – a staggering figure that’s equivalent to just over 70% of the world’s population.The reality for many of us is that our mobile phone is such an integral part of our lives that we spend many hours every day on our screens doing the things that are important to us. Whether we are reading the news, researching a topic, connecting with a family member, posting pictures on Instagram, paying bills or connecting with a potential employer, our mobile devices are our connection to the world.

Mobile and the connected consumer

We know that mobile adoption and usage will continue on its growth path, especially in emerging economies where users tend to spend close to four hours a day on mobile, compared to around three hours in developed markets. What is particularly interesting, is that due to the popularity of social media and rise of e-commerce, the stronger demand (and opportunity) is coming from mobile data.Data has become a prerequisite for many consumers as a means to remain connected via the many social media and messaging apps available on the market, and to access an array of other digital services such as banking services or gaming. What’s more, in 2018, emerging market consumers dominated when it comes to app downloads, making up three of the top five markets. In parallel, new mobile technologies have also started to increase access to healthcare, financial services, education and many other sectors across emerging economies, creating more demand than ever to keep connected.However, the reality is that a large portion of consumers across emerging economies still use pre-paid services and only top-up their mobiles as and when they can. They lack access to the financial resources required to regularly maintain their connectivity and often rely on family and friends in other markets to provide their data and airtime.

DT One is keeping more people, more connected, more often

DT One was initially founded to provide mobile carriers with the infrastructure and services needed to help migrant workers stay in touch with their family and friends back home by sending top-ups directly to the mobile phone of a loved one through a process as simple as sending an SMS.Today, we operate a leading, global network for mobile top-up solutions and innovative mobile rewards, providing billions of unbanked or ‘unseen’ consumers across emerging economies with greater access to digital communications. This connectivity helps people to actively participate in the global economy, in line with our Purpose - to deliver smarter, data-driven, mobile solutions to ensure that no one is left unconnected.

Smarter data-driven mobile technology solutions

DT One offers three key solutions:- Mobile Top-ups & Data: Mobile operators, money transfer operators, retailers and distributors are able to offer their customers the ability to send SMS, call and/or data top-ups worldwide.- Mobile Rewards: Organisations are able to use top-up value (SMS, call and data top-ups) as a reward to drive brand loyalty and customer acquisition.- Airtime Credit Service: A cashless microloan that is repaid from the next mobile phone top-up. This allows customers to stay online even when they run out of their prepaid call, text, SMS or VAS package.

DT One Global Network

Our global network interconnects more than 550 mobile operators across 160 countries. Network partners are able to tap into the entire DT One network through a single API connection, which enables real-time transaction processing with a full suite of services from integration through to reporting, all managed in-house by an experienced tech team.Through our innovative technology and extensive global network, partners are able to scale their business globally, reach new markets and enable greater access to digital communications for those that need it most.

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