TransferTo team up with hyperWALLET to offer international airtime recharge in Canada

Mar 6
TransferTo team up with hyperWALLET to offer international airtime recharge in Canada

TransferTo, the global airtime transfer company, today announced its partnership with hyperWALLET Systems Inc., a leading provider of worldwide payment solutions, to offer cross-border airtime transfer for Canada.

The service is mainly offered to foreign communities, international workers, and visitors who maintain strong ties with their families and relatives abroad.

Although they remit part of their earnings every month directly to the household head, they lack an appropriate service for sending smaller amounts to their family and friends. This new service addressing the Canadian market complements cross-border money remittances with the repeated sending of small value airtime recharges. TransferTo comes as the perfect solution for giving out airtime recharges as a gift on special occasions such as birthdays, religious events, festivals or celebrations. With mobile phones becoming tools of economic empowerment in developing countries, airtime recharge transfer is increasingly regarded as a key mobile feature by migrants and their family back home.

To access hyperWALLET's mobile airtime top-up service, Canadians can sign up at or use the integrated hyperWALLET service within their Credit Union's online banking website. Once their hyperWALLET account has been funded, senders simply enter the mobile phone number of the recipient, a greeting message, and select from numerous airtime voucher amounts available. Transactions are processed in real-time, and both the sender and receiver are immediately notified by SMS text message. Airtime credits can also be sent from mobile devices equipped with mobile browsers, and future enhancements are slated to include an SMS command interface capability.

"We are enthusiastic about this partnership with hyperWALLET as they introduce global mobile airtime top-up services to the Canadian market" says Eric Barbier, CEO of TransferTo. "The combination of TransferTo's innovative service and hyperWALLET's state-of-the-art payment platform provides strong added value for users. With broad country and mobile network operator coverage, our service has a global reach, is secure, user-friendly and real-time."

"We are excited to partner with TransferTo in this initiative, as we believe the untapped Canadian market will benefit from TransferTo's extensive expertise and service coverage", states Lisa Shields, CEO of hyperWALLET Systems Inc. "hyperWALLET's position as a global payments provider is a great complement for the TransferTo airtime platform, and their airtime top-up service provides Canadian consumers and expatriate communities with a valuable and innovative way to send airtime credits worldwide."

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