Unlock Business Growth with eSIMs: Get Started with DT One

Nov 22
Unlock Business Growth with eSIMs: Get Started with DT One

Seamless connectivity goes beyond mere convenience; it's a fundamental necessity in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. The global eSIM market, poised to reach US$16.3 billion by 2027, presents a golden opportunity for businesses worldwide. Embracing this trend enables businesses to elevate their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), enhance customer satisfaction, and make a significant contribution to sustainability.

Consumers are choosing eSIMs over physical SIMs

eSIMs are becoming the go-to choice for today's consumers, and here’s why:

eSIM vs Physical SIM Card Comparison. 1. Cost: Get competitive pricing for eSIM plans with no extra cost or fees vs Physical SIM cards are often provided by carriers for free. 2. Convenience: eSIMs have easy online setup via QR code or mobile app vs Physical SIM card require physical switching to be done in-person. 3. Compatibility: eSIMs are compatible with an expanding range of devices vs Physical SIM cards have different sizes and may not fit all devices. 4. Security: eSIMs are digital secure with remote activation vs Physical SIM cards are prone to damage or loss. 5. Sustainability: eSIMs are environmentally friendly with minimal carbon impact vs Physical SIM cards generate plastic waste and carbon emissions.n

eSIM technology stands out as a transformative force, offering cost-effectiveness, convenience, and future compatibility. Projections indicate that by 2030, eSIMs will commandeer the market, constituting over 80% of smartphones shipped — a staggering 14 billion units! Notably, eSIMs contribute to environmental well-being, reducing carbon emissions by an impressive 46% compared to traditional SIM cards. This environmentally conscious shift aligns seamlessly with the worldwide movement towards eco-friendly practices, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for environmentally-conscious consumers and businesses responding to the growing demand for sustainable products.

eSIMs unlock growth opportunities for various industries

eSIMs are ideal for different scenarios and cater to a diverse audience, enabling businesses across various sectors to leverage this diversity to enhance ARPU, foster customer engagement and retention, and bolster their bottom line.

eSIM Audiences & the Best Suited Businesses to offer eSIMs to them. 1. Business & Leisure Travellers; Best Suited Businesses: Airlines, Travel Booking Platforms & Agencies, Digital Wallets & Banks, Corporate Travel Services & Platforms. Travelers prioritise seamless connectivity. Offering eSIMs eliminates international roaming charges, providing hassle-free access to local networks. Travel-oriented businesses can capitalise on this by allowing customers to purchase eSIMs seamlessly when booking their trip, ensuring they enjoy instant connectivity upon arrival.  2. Digital Nomads; Best Suited Businesses: Co-Working Spaces, Remote Working Platforms. Digital nomads, a thriving demographic, depend on stable and adaptable connectivity. These individuals work remotely, transitioning from one location to another. eSIMs allow them to select data plans tailored to their ever-changing lifestyles, ensuring reliable connectivity without the hassle of relying on coffee shop Wi-Fi, eliminating concerns about frozen Zoom meetings, and enhancing their productivity. By providing eSIMs, businesses supporting remote work meet the increasing demand for flexible solutions and cultivate brand loyalty among this dynamic workforce. 3. On-demand Connectivity Seekers; Best Suited Businesses: Merchants, Digital Marketplaces/E-commerce Stores, Super Apps, Neo Banks. The rise in on-demand connectivity seekers creates opportunities for businesses. Offering flexible eSIM plans satisfies this demand, boosting revenue potential for companies and ensuring instant connectivity for users. For example, digital banks and money transfer operators can position eSIMs as a convenient and flexible connectivity solution for their customers, especially those who travel frequently or value the simplicity of managing their mobile connectivity digitally. By offering eSIMs, these businesses enhance their service portfolio, increase customer satisfaction, and generate additional revenue streams. 4. Multi-Device Users; Best Suited Businesses: Electronic Retailers, Device Manufacturers. Many people own multiple devices like tablets, smartwatches, or secondary smartphones. However, investing in additional physical SIM cards for each device can be cumbersome and costly. That's where eSIMs step in, offering a seamless solution for on-demand connectivity.  The key for retailers and device manufacturers is simple: cross-sell eSIMs with secondary devices. By offering eSIMs during these purchases, businesses streamline the process so customers can enjoy hassle-free connectivity and boost revenue. 5. IoT Users; Best Suited Businesses: IoT Device Manufacturers (e.g. Bike or Scooter Sharing System, Smart Home Devices, etc.). eSIM technology is not limited to smartphones; it's a game-changer for IoT devices. IoT pioneers can leverage eSIMs to enable seamless connectivity for various devices, from smart home gadgets to e-bikes and e-scooters. This provides operational efficiencies by preventing issues related to physical SIM card damage and ensuring that devices are always connected. 

How DT One can help

DT One streamlines your journey into offering eSIMs, simplifying business growth through seamless transfers of digital value. Whether it's eSIMs, mobile top-ups, vouchers, gaming pins, or utility bill payments, all can be managed with a single connection. We've supported world-leading brands in effortlessly launching digital services, unlocking new revenue streams, and expanding their global presence at scale. DT One's robust network offers competitive pricing and eliminates the complexity of dealing with multiple providers and currencies. We empower our partners to concentrate on business growth by providing strategic insights and reliable services. In the thriving eSIM market, having a reliable partner is crucial, and DT One delivers robust solutions and trusted support for businesses to seamlessly enter the eSIM arena, ensuring efficiency and success.


1. What is an eSIM, and how does it differ from a traditional SIM card? ‍

Embedded SIM (eSIM) replaces the physical SIM card in mobile devices. It differs from a traditional SIM card as it eliminates the need for a physical removable card and allows remote activation. There are two types of eSIMs:

  • Data-only eSIM: Designed to provide internet connectivity without a phone number.
  • “Full” eSIM with Mobile Number Provisioning: Capable of storing and activating mobile phone numbers, allowing users to make calls, send text messages and access mobile data.

2. Do I need a specific device to use an eSIM?

Yes, you need an eSIM-compatible device. You can refer to a list of compatible devices for eSIMs, which we have consolidated here.

3. Can you keep your existing phone number when switching to an eSIM?

Absolutely! DT One provides cost-effective data-only eSIM plans that won't impact your phone number. Keep your physical SIM card to continue using your phone.

4. Can you have multiple eSIM profiles on one device?

Yes, many devices support multiple eSIM profiles, with a typical restriction between 5-10 profiles, depending on your device.

5. How to activate and start using an eSIM?

There are two ways to activate an eSIM depending on how it is provisioned.

QR Code Provisioning

Step 1: Upon successful purchase of the eSIM on the app/website, the customer receives a unique QR code associated with their eSIM.

Step 2: Upon scanning the QR code with their eSIM-compatible device, the device prompts a confirmation to add the eSIM, and upon agreement, the eSIM is activated.

Step 3: Ensure “Data Roaming” is turned on and data consumption starts when the network is connected in.

Mobile App Provisioning

The eSIM profile is downloaded and installed on the user's device automatically via a secure connection to the eSIM provider's network. Users do not need a physical SIM card or QR code to activate their eSIM.

If you operate a mobile app and want to enable eSIM installation directly from your app, we can guide you on setting it up on both iOS and Android.

6. What types of eSIM plans are available?

We offer various eSIM plans covering popular destinations, regional (Europe), and global countries. For more details, contact

7. What is the effort required to offer eSIMs?

Existing Customers: If you've integrated with DT One's DVS API, offering eSIMs is simple—no new integration needed. Simply ensure your platform supports eSIM discovery, purchase, and provisioning.Deliver eSIMs through QR code or your mobile app, and allow your customers to install eSIMs effortlessly.

New Customers: Integration with DT One's API provides access to a wide product catalogue, including eSIMs.  Alternatively, consider DT Shop, a self-service platform for easy access to 20k+ digital products. Learn how to get started on DT Shop — no integration required.

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DT One opens the door to eSIMs and other digital products for businesses of all sizes. Seamlessly integrate eSIM products through our API or purchase eSIMs via our self-service platform, DT Shop. With competitive prices and proven best practices, we empower you to deliver exceptional customer experiences when selling eSIMs. Ready to offer eSIMs? Contact us now to speak with our Sales team or get started on DT Shop.

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