What business wants: mobile and airtime top-up solutions

May 27
What business wants: mobile and airtime top-up solutions

For businesses wanting to offer cross-border mobile top-ups to customers, DT One’s simple API integration and white-label solutions provide the answers. One of DT One’s key product offerings is phone-to-phone (P2P) cross-border top ups - which give our partners’ customers the option to buy data, call time or text time for anyone in any country instantly as a value-added service. Our global network makes it possible for telecoms and other businesses to provide direct customer access to cross-border mobile and data top-ups. What businesses are looking forOne of the most common requests we receive from businesses is how can we help them implement a mobile top-up or airtime top-up solution. From online retailers like Offgamers to mobile operators such as DTAC, P2P cross-border top-ups provide a cost-effective service to customers and a unique differentiator for businesses looking to provide additional value to their customer base. By working with DT One, our partners are able to implement white-label solutions through a simple telecom API integration and web interface. This allows our partners to sell airtime top-ups via our global network of more than 160 countries and 550 operators. Using DT One as the single point of contact between telcos means implementation is easy, with no licenses or complex setup required. Want to find out more? Contact us Mobile terminology around the worldWorking with telecom operators in more than 160 countries comes with large and small complexities, ranging from technology through to everyday language. Depending on the region or country, popular terms vary for these services. We’ve rounded up a quick list of some of the most common words we see out in the market.

  • Airtime credit
  • Airtime recharge
  • Airtime top-up
  • Cell phone top up
  • Cell recharge
  • Credit
  • Load
  • Mobile airtime recharge
  • Mobile credit recharge
  • Mobile e-load
  • Mobile pulsa
  • Mobile recharge
  • Mobile refill
  • Mobile reload
  • Mobile top-up
  • Prepaid airtime
  • Recarga de celular
  • Recarga de saldo
  • Recargas
  • Recharge
  • Recharge pulsa (prepaid phone credit)
  • Send load
  • Top-up

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