Posted in | 12 May, 2017

Reloading with Xoom

DT One: International Prepaid Mobile Phone Recharge

In 2015, Xoom, a PayPal Service, and leading digital money transfer operator, first partnered with TransferTo and launched mobile airtime reloads to 30 countries direct from the USA.

As a well-established digital money transfer operator, Xoom were inspired to take their services to the next level and believed mobile airtime was the perfect offering for their existing customer base. Airtime is the best cross-sell product for MTOs, tapping into the remarkable network of 4.5 billion prepaid mobile phones worldwide to drive consumer engagement and generate incremental revenues.

Before signing with TransferTo, Xoom performed their due diligence and carefully analysed the market. It was crucial for them to find the right partner with the most complimentary technical capabilities and flexible approach to meet Xoom’s meticulous requirements. Ultimately, the decision stemmed down to the fact that TransferTo were able to tick all the right boxes, and had the coverage and comprehensive network to facilitate Xoom to reach new customers and markets globally.

It also would have been expensive and cumbersome for Xoom to strike deals with each mobile operator individually and deal with complex, long-winded regulatory procedures. TransferTo provided that one access point, single connection and the sole commercial relationship for their mobile airtime reload service – providing access to over 550 mobile operators across more than 130 countries globally.

A little goes a long way

Collaborating with TransferTo allows Xoom customers to instantly reload credit online from the USA to international prepaid mobile phones in 30 countries. There is huge scope for international airtime reloads owing to large diaspora communities and many migrant workers wanting to gift their loved ones back home to stay connected. Values transferred are $20 or less and perceived to be a low cost yet high value personal gift to anyone in even the remotest of locations.

For Xoom customers, sending airtime is like giving “a big gift for just a little” and making significant contributions to the daily lives of the recipients – with the only information required is a mobile number.

TransferTo has furthered Xoom’s service offerings through our extensive network of mobile operator relationships across the globe. This service not only helped Xoom acquire new customers, but increased over all customer retention. What made TransferTo so attractive was the international footprint to deliver this cost-effective and much relied-upon solution – promoting strong brand loyalty.

Thanks to TransferTo’s cutting-edge technology and global presence, we were able to quickly and conveniently launch international mobile phone recharge to most of the countries where we send money. TransferTo’s customisable solutions provided Xoom with the flexibility to adapt the service to our needs,” said John Kunze, Xoom’s President and CEO. “With mobile recharge, Xoom expands its offerings, enabling customers to support more loved ones with less hassle and a smaller fee.”